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Some Krabi expats talk about their first-hand experience of moving to Krabi and how they have settled in to life here.

John, UK

“I MOVED to Krabi because of family and friends. Even though I’d been here on holiday a lot before I moved, I did find it quite hard to adapt. Everyday life is totally different from being a tourist. You don’t go to the beach every day and out partying every night, for a start!

“You spend more time in the house, which makes it quite important to have your own place, rather than renting. You also have to adjust to eating the Thai food - western stuff is just too expensive for every day.

“There’s also the whole ‘nature’ side, which you never see when you stay in a hotel. In a regular Thai home, there’ll be creepy crawlies, frogs, and even snakes to deal with, so if you plan to live out in the countryside you should be aware of that, especially if you have children - that’s why I live in a clean compound in town!

“On the plus side, life is much safer here - my kids can play outside and they have much more freedom than back home. You meet new people all the time and the expats are pretty friendly. And you’ve got top-class hospitals and shopping for everything you need in Phuket only an hour and a half away.”

Renato, Italy

“I THINK you are definitely able to have a good quality of life in Krabi, especially if you like nature and being out of doors.

“If you come from a big town, you might find some services lacking, like hospitals and shopping malls. Maybe this is not so good for older people, although if you can drive, Phuket is very close.

“On the property side, I would recommend not rushing into anything. Take your time, maybe even rent a place for a year or so first to get a feel for the area and if it’s the kind of place you will be happy in. You need to be able to feel comfortable with Thai people as there are not so many expats here that you can spend time exclusively with them.

“This will also give you time to get proper advice and check out the seriousness of what is on offer. There is more and more choice now and ways of buying so you have to be sure about what you’re doing.

“But once you decide to stay you will not regret it. I moved here 15 years ago and I still love the place. It’s a beautiful area, with friendly people, really one of the nicest places I’ve seen in Thailand.”

Sune & Birgitta, Sweden

“WE started as tourists in Krabi, but then decided to move, after touring many places in Thailand. We come from a small country town in Sweden so Krabi is quite similar, it’s not too big and also it’s friendly. We like to live with Thai people also, not only foreigners.

“We are not so good with language - and Thai people are not so good with English either. This can be a problem sometimes, but we usually understand each other!

“We got help from other Scandinavian expats to find the place we are living in. We rent the house as it was fully furnished so we did not have to do anything or invest a lot of money. There’s a good kitchen too and we cook and go to the market every day.

“You should not worry about living close to the beach - you will find when you are here you don’t need to go to the beach every day - same as back home there are lots of other things to do! When you do want to go it’s easy. Krabi is very easy to get around.

“We find living here very safe and quiet. You can have a good standard of living for not so much money.”

Above: Expats John, Renato and Sune and Birgitta talk about their life in Krabi

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