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July 2008

"I want to buy some land with a company like my friends have before, now people tell me I can’t. Why not?"

Robert C. Reynolds answers:
Over the past year, the laws governing company formation and investment in land and real estate have come under close scrutiny by the government. In the past, a foreigner wishing to circumvent the laws in Thailand forbidding foreign ownership of land would open a Thai corporation to purchase the property.

The foreigner would have Thai shareholders act as “nominees” to hold the 51% of shares necessary to become a Thai company, and the foreigner would control the other 49%. The foreigner, with the issuance of preferred voting shares, could control the management of the company as well.

The government is closing this loophole in the Foreign Business Act by requiring Thai shareholders in a company with foreign investors purchasing land to show they purchased their shares and are not just illegal nominees. In addition, legislation is being written that will outlaw the issuance of preferred shares with different voting rights to circumvent the 49% maximum shareholding by foreigners.

As a result, the setting up of a corporation by a foreigner to purchase land is no longer available. Beware of those “friends” who say that they can take care of it for you. These new regulations are issued by the Ministry of the Interior, and the local provincial offices have no leeway in their interpretation. The best route to follow if to take possession of the land is currently through a 90 year lease.

Robert C. Reynolds is a director of Krabi Consultants, Tel: 075-695091. To email him a question, please send your query to info AT yourkrabi DOT com. We regret that only questions chosen for publication will receive a reply.

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